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Katherine Williams


Ophelia Morse


Annabella Williams


Bali Garcia


Roxanna Williams


Zoe Carter


Drewna Donivan



These are the Currently Available Species that a made-up character can pick from. If one is crossed off it means we have to many or we are just looking for someother species.




Angels/Guardian Angels

Fallen Angels



If your character is killed during a role play (which is allowed) you much change your species to GHOST so everyone knows your dead...Check out the Dying information for more info.



This is the Joining Process, read this to know how our New Members should act and do before actually being a full member.


Please make sure to read EVERYTHING on the Main Page BEFORE you join. Once you've read it all, make sure you are going to be an active member and then join our site.

The first thing you need to do once you've signed up, adds the staff as friends, so we can help in any way you need us to.

After you have been approved by an administrator (5-day deadline), you can edit your profile as the character you applied for. As well as change your profile picture and nickname to the name of YOUR character.

Then you can begin role playing with others, all you have to do is post on a members page and then choose a non-in-use form and begin your role play fun.


We've had a nice run, and while this site will always be my baby and all the people I've met since 2013 will always be considered my friends. It is time to say goodbye. I will, however, leave this site open to being remembered by all those that wish to remember it. Hell, if you still want to roleplay that will be fine with me as well, but I shall not be returning to the site.

Thank you all for being the start of something great, and I wish you luck for the years to come!

If you would like to get in contact with me or would like to continue roleplaying with me, you will find me here:

Dangerous Liaisons Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus


Welcome to Los Angelos, California. A big city full of huge secrets. A place where Fallen Angels, Demons, Guardians, Nephilim and even Death live among the human population.

If your human, the world has just opened up for you. It’s allowed you to see the secrets that are hidden from you, but you may want to be careful cause some of these secrets may just kill you.

When the world was created, God made the Earth and everything in it all in seven days. After he rested on the seventh day he created souls that would help him in heaven, he called them angels. But one angel, named Lucifer, didn’t believe that God was suited for the job, he created an army of angels turning them against God. But you see, God had his own army, the Archangels and other Angels that didn’t turn away from him. God and his angels won, but they banished the Lucifer and his army creating the Fallen Angels. Lucifer was banished to Hell where he still resides and the Fallen were banished to roam the Earth never feeling what God had allowed his human’s to feel. But you see the Fallen came up with an idea, a way to feel.

The male Fallen got together with a female woman, impregnating them with their children, which created us…the Nephilim population. The Nephilim were created for one reason, to be used by Fallen Angels to feel human emotions (sex, being drunk, etc). The Nephilim are forced to swear an oath of fealty to the fallen angels so they have no choice in the matter of possession. Two weeks a year, during the Jewish time of Cheshvan, fallen angels have to ability to possess the body of another. The downside of this possession is that the spirit of the Nephilim is still in the body when the fallen angel is but the Nephilim has no control at all - they are a helpless bystander in their own body.

But something bad is arising in the background of LA, something big that ever Fallen, Angel and Nephilim know about. A war is coming, and everyone is preparing for battle, but no one knows who’s going to win. Looks like it’s going to be a bloodbath that would make Death proud and Death is very hard to please.

With Nephilim popping up all around the world, all coming of age and a perfect link for Fallen Angels to persuade them into swearing the oath. Some have found their way to Los Angeles, a call that has beckoned them there. Is it because Lucifer has been freedom from his cage thanks to the demons and fallen angels? Is it because Death himself has turned against the Heavens and is working for everyone? 

But new Nephilim has made their way to Los Angeles, already knowing of their supernatural destinies, but have no idea why they have come. But it seems to come down to one thing, who has the will and power to fight the fallen's manipulation into swearing the oath? New Nephilim know nothing of this, they don't know how to fight it and slowly Nephilim will begin to swear. Maybe this would help Death and Lucifer's plans now with freedom so close at hand.

Can you survive this hell we call...Los Angeles? Or will you burn in the flame like the rest?



The Rules of this website are very important, and we enforce them very strictly to make sure this site runs smoothly. Please make sure to follow and read these rules very carefully so you can live in this little town peacefully.


01. Respect. Respect your staff members. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions about the site. This also includes listen to the staff, if they tell you to do something, or stop doing something, please listen. Respect your fellow members as well. We are suckers for in character drama but not when it comes to real life issues. And lastly, respect also goes towards your character. Please play the character the correct way, including in species and personality.

02. Character Creation. Before you pick a character, get familiar with the plot and check to make sure your character and face hasn't been claimed yet. But please remember to keep your account active.

03. Canon Characters. Our canon characters must be played according to their history and personality, if you do not keep to their histories and personality we will message you about it. 

04. Original Characters. Here on Land of the Fallen, we accept all sorts of original characters of each species. But please make sure that they are allowed, this will be stated in the news feed at the top of the page. Also, note that we do not allow Original Characters to be connected to Canon Characters in any way, we do this because sometimes Canons don't want the sort of relationship or they don't want to add anything so AU to their history upon being made. This being said, please do not connect an Original Character to a Canon Character, the only way this is allowed is by asking the staff and the player of that canon first, and upon approval from them you can do so.

04. Roleplaying. Do NOT intrude on another RP. It's rude and its bad RP manners. If you have a good reason (to warn someone, forced to complete a task, or you were invited by the members) then it's allowed. Make sure to ask the members involved in RP if you would like to join and if they agree then you may join them. Make sure out of character chat stays out of character (use the members page). Please if you are not part of the role play, you may stalk just don't post out of character chats in there, it spams the members subscribed the topic and it can be rather annoying when you keep talking and are ignored. 

05. Audition. Please send your application via PM to the owner of the site. Please do not alter your profile or name until your application has been accepted! Once your application is completed and sent to the Owner, she will look at it and tend to it accordingly, once accepted you can go ahead and edit your profile and move onto threading with others!

06. Forum. If you would like to add a location to the boards so that you may role play there, please message the owner with the name of the location you want to add.

07. God-Moding. This occurs when a character is not taking the hits they receive as the character should. If your character gets stabbed by another character, it's going to hurt and it's going to leave a mark. If you're fighting with another member, you must take the hits properly. If a human were to fight against a fallen angel, they fallen will win. In other cases, godmoding can occur when another character is brought in, which is completely fine as long as we don't have them on the site yet. As long as you don't bring the character into major plots, that is perfectly alright.

08. Site Rating. Our forum is strictly RP-13. Yes, you may hint towards sexual acts with characters, flirtations, and violence, and cussing is allowed, but not in every sentence. Anything too violent and/or graphic will be deleted immediately. If you do wish to do something that is considered rated r, please use the fade to black and pick up after the act is finished.

09. Death. If your character dies, which might happen at one point or another, we ask that you place a notification somewhere on your profile, perhaps the Character Update? That way you can figure out when you will be brought back and by whom. The only way for characters to return from the dead are by the magic of a witch, which will either kill them or leave the weak, and then by an angel (who will become a fallen), a fallen angel or Death himself.

10. Activity. Stay active. If you aren't active for a month you will be deleted without warning. If you are going away or can't get online for some reason, please message a staff member. Logging in and just chatting in the chat box does not count as being active. You must roleplay to be counted as active. If you fail to send an absence, you will be deleted from the forum, and your playby will be open for use once more.

11. Posting and Word Count. Everything is to be written in third person and past tense unless in direct speech, or when posting on people's profiles. Please, no one-liners or two sentence reply. We want at least 50 words so that the other person has enough to reply to.

12. Theft. Stealing is not right. The staff and the members have put their time into creating a place like this and stealing it is just wrong. Would you go around stealing from the supermarket? No, probably not.


If you break any of these rules you will be given warnings (5 MAX). Once you use all you're warnings you will be deleted.



This is the information center, a place where you will find a ton of information that will help you along the way. Ranging from how Relationships work to how Death works. Read this very carefully.


Character Changes

Each member gets THREE character changes. That means face claim, species does not count. You will not get any more after you use all three.



Sometimes people learn things outside of character, it doesn't mean that their character knows the same thing in RP. If you read the dashboard (or stalk is more like it) and see a plan that's being made between other characters in rp, YOU might know but you CHARACTER does not.



There is a strict 5-day application deadline. That means that you will have only 5 days from the time that you join in sending in an application. If you are not active for a week without an explanation, then you will be deleted.



Please remember that forums are a public place. Every member can see them so be sure that you follow the rules and that you're respectful. 

If you would like to talk out of character then you must use // then say what you want to say. 


Falling from Grace

Falling from Grace is what Angels and Guardian Angels do to become humans. Grace is "energy" integral to angels. It is essentially the difference between an angel and a human. If an angel removes his/her grace, he/she is either rendered mortal within his/her body. This angel also gains a soul from the loss of his/her grace, enabling him/her to feel human emotion and also to continue to exist after he/she dies and pass on to an afterlife such as Heaven. Falling from Grace is different from Falling and becoming a Fallen Angels. Fallen Angels had their wings ripped off and were cast out of heaven, Angels that fall from grace leave of their own re-will and are left without memories of their past lives being given fake memories.



Death is different from Land of the Fallen, you may be brought back from the dead by a Guardian Angel or a Regular Angel (though after they become a fallen) or Fallen Angel. You can be brought back and die as many times as you want.

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Name: [Charater Name]

Face Claim: [Celebrity]

Species: [Pick from list]

Age: [Characters age?]

Gender: [Characters gender]

Status: [Relationship Status]

Players Name: [Your name]

Personality: [Negatives and Postitives]

Character History: [2+ Paragraphs]

Role Play Sample: [8+ Sentence]



These are already taken characters and face claims, please do not use any of these names or face claims, unless given permission.


Katherine Williams (Nina Dobrev)

Jess Stryder (Kristen Stewart)

Lorelei Blood (Alexandra Daddario)

Ophelia Morse (Alaina Huffman)

Emma Spencer (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)

Drewna Donivan (Shaliene Woodley) 

Alexandra Rose Carter (Alex Steele)

Annabella Williams (Nina Dobrev)

Aleshia St.Clair (Eliza Dushku)

Roxanna Williams  (Nina Dobrev)

Phoebe Jones (Shelly Henning)

Darcy Clara Carter (Ariana Grande)

Summer Rose Levesqu (Elle Fanning)

Yin Yang Karam (Avirl Lavigne)

Dakota Wickers (Sasha Pieterse)

Shaylarina Lanister (Elizabeth McLaughlin)

Derek Malloy (Nathaniel Buzolic)

Jezabel Rogers (Adelaide Kane)

Bali Garcia (Selena Gomez)

Ryan Malloy (Cam Gigandet)

Elijah Wilcox (Chace Crawford)

Tatiana Wilcox-Reed (Lea Michele)

Mikayla Prior (Kat Graham)

Alex Smith (Amber Heard)

Hannah Draven (Mia Kirshner)

Alec Greybec (Dave Franco)

Elizabeth Wentz (Torrey Devitto)

Mackenna Rixon (Laura Vandervoort)

Zoe Carter (Gigi Hadid)

Matthew Williams (Steven R. McQueen)

Elliot Preston (Paul Wesley)

Jasmine-Rose Anderson (Kassandra Clementi)

Blake Orson (Zooey Deschanel)



The Oath of Fealty isn't that hard to do seeing as the Nephilim ony has to bend on one knee and says to the Fallen Angel "Lord, I become your man." and then you are bound to that Fallen Angel until they day the Nephilim dies.

Though if the Nephilim is killed they will no longer be the vessel of a Fallen, and this continues even if the Nephilim is brought back from the dead. If the Fallen is killed and comes back they will no longer have the vessel


Cheshvan is a Hebrew month somewhere around October and November. This month plays a vital role in our plot because during this month, and this month only, fallen angels can possess nephilim bodies, so that the fallen angel can physically feel. They can only do this if the Nephilim has sworn an oath of featly.   It is said that this is the month Nephilim bodies can be taken over because this is the month were the gateways to possession are wide open. due to no Holy Holidays. 



Everything on this site belongs to its owner and the members that belong to it. If you are caught stealing it is against the rules and is considered illegal. Design and Graphics credits belong to their rightful owners.

Please do not steal, be original!